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My name is Fabrice Lété, I am a 28 year old C++ programmer, and I have been a professional video games developer for over 4 years now. Driven by a strong interest in C++ and programming in general, I have been involved in a variety of software projects, both on the professional and personal side. This page presents the most relevant ones.

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Professional work

I am currently employed at NeuroTV (Belgium), working as R&D engineer on our Virtual Studio and Toon animation systems.

I spent four years at Larian Studios (Belgium), working on several projects detailed hereafter. On most projects, clicking the thumbnail will lead you to some more information.

I worked on Beyond Divinity, our sequel to Divine Divinity (2D/3D fantasy RPG) for a few months. I have been involved in AI scripting and copy protection.

I have been (and still am, to some extent) working on a game for the Belgian broadcaster Ketnet, dedicated to children and teenagers. The KetnetKick game has been released in 2004, but we regularly release updates, providing new content and games. I worked on all parts of the game, both in 2D and 3D, and implemented several studios and mini-games.

I have worked on Adventure Rock, a game based on the KIC (Kids Interactive Community) concept, but this time for the BBC. There is a press release about it, and on the site you can watch a video trailer.

Toyinima is a stop motion animation studio and an online community for sharing creations. I worked on the studio, which is both a stand-alone application and a KetnetKick plugin. I have also been involved in the rendering server, which converts creations to videos for on-line publication.

One of the main additions to the KetnetKick game is the multiplayer zeepkistenrace (soapbox race). I worked on all parts of the game, and especially the physics, car animations and network sync code.

There is a video trailer available (dutch) : zeepkistenrace.wmv

Here is the most recent one of the few available screenshots of Larian's next-gen RPG. I can't really tell much about it, apart from the fact that I've been involved in overall design and physics. The game looks amazing but at the time I am writing this, I am not allowed to diffuse any jaw-dropping goodie.

I wrote a small skinnable RSS reader for Windows (MFC + IE control) and Mac OS X (10.4 dashboard widget).

I worked for some time on the OLGA project (IST framework 6), "A Unified Scalable Framework for On-Line Gaming". The goal of this project was to create a 3D game which could be played on a wide variety of devices (computers, consoles, pda, phones, etc.) by streaming and scaling the 3D content on demand.

Some more info can be found here : Visual 3D systems on IMEC

Of course, I am working on some other projects, but I can't publicly say anything about those for now. So instead, here is a picture of a squirrel, because squirrels are cute. Look, look! Oooh cute.

Personal work

When I am not playing Flatout 2 or browsing the web for info about old computers, I type loudly on my poor UltraX flat keyboard and write code. Unfortunately most of my projects are unfinished due to lack of time and changing mindset, but I try to focus on loose coupling and reusability, this way I carry most of my code around from project to project, creating havoc and desolation.

I made a sales management tool for a retail shop, put in production a bit before y2k, and still daily used. Networked application written in WinDev 4.1. Surely not a reference of software design elegance, but it does the job.

I wrote a little 3D engine heavily based on portals. With it you could do weird stuff like in Prey, like holes floating in the air, infinite recursion and other impossible geometry contructions. There are a few demos and screenshots available on this page, but be warned it's all programmer art... don't blame me if your eyeballs suddenly blow up like popcorn.

Demomaking consists of doing non-interactive multimedia applications, a bit like a videoclip, but realtime rendered. I gathered some friends and we entered a few competitions with our creations. This learned me a ton of things about programming and the spooky effects of mixing medication with caffeine, and I also met very interesting people. Oh, and I even won a cool SONY shirt once! I really miss those days.

Some demos: "Meeting 2001" and "Fete de la musique 2002"
Recently, I've ported our first demo to Windows: binaries and source.

At some point I wrote some Quake MD2 loading and animation code. Then I realized vertex morphing induces ugly wobbling and I dropped the whole thing.

I wrote this program for my final study paper at university, it got me a 90% eval. It's a simulator and visualizer for some very specific physics experiment, I am still not sure what the intent was, but I think it kinda relates to photovoltaic cells.

This is a small tile based 3D editor, to make blocky levels a bit like the old Wolfenstein 3D. I wanted to do some old school 1st person tile based RPG like Eye of the Beholder with it, but it never went very far.

Being attracted by retro computing, I had to write an emulator at some point. Here is my little CHIP-8 emulator running BLINKY, a pacman clone. I also wrote an assembler (still requires some work), and an image converter (generates assembly code to display a bitmap). Finally, I've put up a web page about the info I collected on CHIP-8 and related topics.

At some point I realized I never wrote a raytracer, so I did. This one renders quads, reads models from OBJ waveform files, and produces a sequence of images for animation. I did all the math from scratch as an exercise, and as a result I got a cool fisheye effect, totally unintentionnal. I am still not quite sure where it comes from, aliens might be involved.

Some of my pet projects and game ideas required a vector based 2D editor. So I wrote a simplistic one: edit, zoom, scroll, and a lua console. Now I have to figure out what the console could be used for, submit your ideas and win a drawing.

Focusing on reusability of small bits of code, I wrote a few little things I carry around.

Expat wrapper (XML parser)
Font renderer (based on Proggy font)
GIF reader


Melting-Pot(fr) - a former demomaking group from Lille (north of France), I join them every now and then for a bite and a chat.
Cafzone(fr) - online community about gaming and computing, one of the only forums I know where people can spell.
Vianney Lecroart(fr) - blog of a friend who's really into agile programming and game development.
LibraryThing - my programming books collection, I look so smart with all this stuff on my shelves.
del.icio.us - my collection of bookmaks about interesting stuff I really should read before I turn all gray.

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